Two years and 4505 miles later;

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I have been driveing my 427 model,with a 351C, for couple of years now. I find things on each road trip to modify for greater creature comfort or safety. My Dad, Ken Walker opted for #35 Hurracaine, made up in missouri. I'm planning to make a long weekend with the TEXAS cobra club in late March south of Austin. There are about 100 cars pre-regitered at this time. I like my Unique model more each day I drive it.Maybe I can work in a trip back to Gadsten this spring. MONROE COBRA!


  1. Slither's Avatar
    Cool! Yes, bring it to the Homecoming!
  2. V8er's Avatar
    I met Ken at the TCC meet in San Marcos and he told me you were planning to be at homecoming, but I guess you didn't make it? I'm putting together an Edelbrock equipped 351C with Toploader for near future insertion in a Unique 289 FIA and would like to get your input into my 351C. Thanks!