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Thread: Hot Topics in our Country

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    Exclamation You Have A Problem

    Gentlemen......You are only looking at the tip of the iceburg.

    Geary summed it up in a nutshell.....there are 'subcultures' and 'enablers'
    All countries have them, and while our leaders listen to these right wing
    bleeding heart do-gooder's your 'system' , like many others will gradually
    I'm originally from the UK but now live in Canada.....I've seen the change
    take place in both places.....and it continues to amaze me how it is allowed
    to continue.....Canada's attititudes and systems tend to follow the UK's, but
    about 10 years after........Here's a few things to think about.

    In Canada we are classed as a bi-lingual country..EXCEPT in Quebec...where
    you must legally speak FRENCH......Watch out Florida and California...You
    will soon be speaking Spainish.

    In the inner city of East London there are Mosque's where some bozo fanatic
    shouts out prayers every morning at 5 AM, from the tower...thats a wake up

    The English National football team was not allowed to wear the red St. George
    cross on their shirts as it offened the Arab's, due to it being used durring
    the Crusades.

    At Christmas I was told that I could not go to one of the local pubs I have
    used in the past as it was now a Muslim do alcohol.!!!!!

    In 2005 49% of all births in London (pop. 20 million) where to women who
    were NOT born in the UK. Other big cities in the UK had similar percentages.

    Our cities in Canada, like those in the US have developed large 'subculture's'
    and they all want their our rights.......I've seen the end results of their rights
    in the UK...and I say Screw Them.!!!....When in Rome do as the Romans do.

    When I go to another country on vacation, I honour their codes and standards.
    I'll stand up for their national Anthem, and live by their laws while I'm there.
    And I expect them to do the same when they cross the shores of my country.

    The prospects for our future and our kids are bleak.......The bleeding heart
    bozo's will take care of that........Make me King of the World for a couple
    of years.....I'd solve a whole mess of things.

    Mike Geddes

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    Mike , I was in the old section of Quebec city to make a conference presentation in 1989. I spent many hours prior to the trip with an summer intern who was well versed in conversational French. What I discovered in Quebec was that no one understood English .... until they saw that you were making an honest effort to communicate in their language and were not being the "Ugly American". Ya know it's just amazing how Quebec natives learn instant English and become very helpful when a sincere effort is made on your part to respect their culture. It is also very amazing how quickly 3 years of high school French will fail you. -Geary

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    Somewhat correct


    Your points are well taken.
    However I just never remembered all this Politically Correct BS. And we nevered seemed to take into consideration what anyone else though when we decided to do something, look at Truman and Rooservelt.
    These actions all started arriving in the mid 60's during the VietNam War, a war that we were not allowed to win.
    What has made us a great Nation is the fact that we did and have done what we needed to do. There was always an end or ending.
    Politics dirty! What about War, but you do what you have to do to come out on top.
    "Do you honestly want your government to be ineffectual?"
    That's my point, it is to a certain degree right now! We have gotten to the point of trying to please everyone and nothing is getting done.
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    Thanks for the heads up on germane - what was I thinking? I also misspelled embracing - just typed too quickly. In any event, things seem to really be out of control. Just listened to a quick blurb on headline news about the ACLU defending a life sentence prisoner that wants to have a sex change paid for by the state.

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    The Vietnam debaucle enraged all of us, but our current military machine is child of this era. Not worth the lives lost
    but because of them we all learned and an attitude was born. There is a strong culture undertow arising and political correctness will see the pendulum swing back toward center. Yeah baby - how about them affirmative action programs! After forty years + of a leg-up its time to
    phase them out. Kick out the crutches and have all humans stand up toe to toe in a fair and competitive environment. The biggest minority we have in this country today are young white males. Women in the arts, black history month, Hispanic ....... -All of these kept lables single these groups out and make them "special" - a target. Ya wanna fire up some groups, how about "Whitey Week", or August is "Cracker Celebration Month". After all fair is fair. Minorities should be screaming to end this singling-out and should be working to be mainstreamed "Just treat us like humans - nothing special but as Americans with human dignity". For a minority woman with military background to outscore a white male on a job application because of a 30 point scoring advantage is wrong. Add native American to the mix and it's 40 points.(Commonwealth of PA civil service application for employment)
    It only degrades the position by filling it with a possible 60% qualifier.

    It just gets down to Americans treating Americans like Americans. If you live in our country Americans are your family and you must treat each and every one with this respect. But if you are not culturally American you must asimliate to be American. If no effort is put forth to be American you will not be American. Nothing is Free!

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    Just a pertinent today as it was 11 years ago........... and that is sad!

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    Sad Phil? ....Brother, you got that right! This country once decided with the majority of its minority's seem to carry the big stick.
    Jim Harding
    La Plata, Maryland

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    It's worse; lots worse now than 11 years ago. The labeling of right-wing and left-wing action groups has been given status - and the self-righteous attitudes of each are being given more attention and, in the case of the left-wing groups, credibility they wholly do not deserve.

    This is quickly becoming a mess. Regardless of your political preferences, the Law (yes, with a capital) is still the foundation of our nation. Abrogate it, and penalty must be applied, without prejudice or exception. Sadly, that clearly is NOT the objective of our system any longer.

    All is not lost. Yet. But there needs to be a great awakening, as true pragmatic thinking is well on its way to becoming not simply scorned, but to be vilified without reservation. And when that day comes, there is no Law any longer.

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    Turnpike, not to change the subject but did you buy an enclosed trailer for your winter trip to Florida?

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    Yessir, I did.

    After 15 years and solemn vow never to own a trailer, I bought a HaulMark Passport last September. 8-1/2 x 16. Car fits with room to spare, and it tows straight as an arrow.

    After losing the car in the garage to the hurricane flooding (NOT the Cobra), I just couldn't figure out how to drive 3 cars down to Fla with 2 purchase became unavoidable.
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  11. The last major thing I've seen in the news is about the Las Vegas shooting incident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arhenry13 View Post
    The last major thing I've seen in the news is about the Las Vegas shooting incident.
    Sad situation!

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