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Thread: Advice on shock / spring upgrade

  1. Advice on shock / spring upgrade

    I bought an early/mid 90s Unique 427 #9132 with the early frame and non adjustable shocks. Anyone here have a reasonably priced suggestion for adjustable coil overs that will work ?

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    Although it has been a while, it used to be that there were two widths on the rear ends: one for bolt-on wheels and one for knock-off wheels with the bolt-on adapters. The former used regular coil-overs and latter used the adjustable coil-overs. You might need to swap yours out to upgrade. You should check with Alan or Maurice at the shop for the details. They might have an option now to upgrade without switching.

    Do you have the upgraded front end?

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  3. Donít think so , not sure how to check. My doesnít have coil overs in the front.

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    We can help you on rears but not on fronts if you have tube shocks.

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