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    Hi guys, it's been a while. I've been busy with other projects and travel, so the rebuild of my accident-damaged 1988 Unique 427 kept being put on the back burner over and over again. I've finally committed to setting aside the time to get it done - at least most of it before I travel again in June - so parts have been ordered and I've begun work on repairing the the rear suspension.

    I bought and disassembled a complete Series 2 3:31 Powerlock rear assembly and called Alan to get the correct measurements for shortening the axle shafts. When he informed me that 12" is the correct length for bolt-on wheels, I was surprised to find that my old ones, which I had decided not to re-use due to signs of twisting, were too long at 13.5" one side and 13.75" on the other. Because of the excess track, the old 275 60 15's on the back filled up the wells and to avoid rubbing in hard cornering I had the rear height adjusted up more than I would have preferred. I almost ordered a set of 255 60 15 Cooper Cobras so the rears could tuck in a bit more and allow a lower stance, but now that my rear track will be 3.25" narrower overall, I'm thinking of fitting 295 50's instead.

    Any of you running 295's out back, and how do they fit - particularly if you have an older Unique with the narrow-hip rear fenders? Pics would be great if possible.

    EDIT - this is what the 275's looked like on the rear.

    I also plan on switching to a rear braced roll bar - plenty of available options for my right hand driver now that so many manufacturers are making passenger side bars.
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