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Thread: Zero clearance for puller fan

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    Zero clearance for puller fan

    On my current rebuild, I intend to address and fix some nagging issues that have been problematic since my first rebuild several years ago. The first is the lack of clearance between my radiator and the front sway bar. Unlike most of your newer Uniques, my sway bar is mounted to two vertical tabs and there's less than 2 inches of space between the bar and the radiator, making it impossible to mount a decent sized puller fan, let alone a shroud. At first I tried to use the supplied traditional Cobra pushers out front, but it was soon clear that those were good for little more than decoration when the coolant temperature started to rise at idle or in slow traffic.

    I've run a couple of different pusher fan arrangements and the current setup works ok but not to the point that I fully trust it to cool the engine under very hot or slow conditions. The radiator itself is quite efficient and the fans never need to come on when I'm driving over 30mph. For peace of mind on longer drives and heading into town or heavy traffic, I would really like to install a large single puller or a shrouded dual fan setup on the engine side of the rad. This necessitates finding a way to move or tilt the bottom of the radiator forward 2 to 3 inches. I could modify the lower mount easily enough, but there will have to be some cutting of the inside of the front opening. Anyone face a similar issue, and were you able to craft a solution?

    Here's a pic of my predicament

    EDIT: I've even thought of doing away with the front sway bar altogether if it comes down to choosing between dependable cooling and a bit more body roll. A while back one of the sway bar bushing brackets broke completely off and I drove around that way for quite a while before noticing it when working on something else under the hood. In retrospect, the only difference was maybe a bit more rear tire rubbing in the right rear during hard cornering - the roads are very twisty down here and I get to drive fairly rapidly on some of the more remote roads.
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