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    Time for a change

    I finally got fed up with my Southern Automotive 406, which turned out to be a 396. After breaking valve springs that weren't correct and numerous other issues it was time for a serious make-over. The valves were floating so bad at 5,300/rpm it was embarrassing.

    New forged pistons, bored to 4.090, new Crower cam, new crank (the old one had two journals that were cracked), new Melling High-Volume oil pump, rehabbed the Holley 750 carb, ported and polished the aluminum heads, matched headers to exhaust ports, new McLeod flywheel, clutch and pressure plate, bearings, timing chain, etc, and a new MSD box. On paper it is rated @ 470/hp.

    It is a completely different car now. I am very pleased with the results -
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