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Thread: Led headlights -- anybody got suggestions?

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    Led headlights -- anybody got suggestions?

    I'm looking to replace my incandescent headlights with LEDs. Are there any brands out there that look like traditional lights? I prefer to keep the traditional look but I need more light than the old style bulbs can give me. Brands? Sources? Thanks!

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    I like to change the old daily driver's lights, too! Didn't seem to find anything available...

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    Okay, I found this. United Pacific LED 31391 Dual Function in Chrome. I found out that you need to be vigilant as to what you order. Many of these LED headlights are just low beams and Angel Eyes. Dang things aren't cheap; $150.15 per side (Amazon Prime).

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    Pretty cool. I installed the GE brand tribals when I did my build because of the complaints about the regular headlights and am very happy with them but the LEDs would be nice because they don't use much power. I guess I could find just the replacement LED bulbs and switch them out.
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